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Sun protection for funeral guests

In the summer, in addition to the sad and often very painful occasion, funerals can involve another very unpleasant aspect: the sun. During the ceremony and various speeches, the funeral guests often stand or sit for a very long time unprotected outside in their black clothes and at the mercy of the unrelenting sun. In addition, funeral guests must often wait for a long time in line to offer their condolences personally. Frequently guests suffer circulatory problems and heat stroke, which can be easily avoided.

We offer you different sun protection systems, which can also be used as rain protection if necessary. Many sun protection systems are easy to set up and versatile in their use. The costs are also reasonable. Naturally, muted colours can be selected for this special area of use.

Shade sails for the cemetery

The shade sail is the most flexible sun protection system and is therefore well suited for use at a cemetery or mourning hall. It can be quickly set up and taken down in any size and colour and provides the funeral guests with beneficial protection from the sun.

RO-FLEX shade sails are the optimal source of shade for funeral guests, who should be protected from intense heat and hours of exposure to the sun.

Our shade sails can be individually adapted to a diverse variety of situations and provide the guests with the necessary shade to withstand the funeral ceremonies without any ill effects.  

The RO-FLEX shade sails are typically made from a breathable and water-permeable fabric. This prevents the build-up of heat under the shade sail. Thanks to the RO-FLEX special grips and the individual height adjustment, the shade sail can be adapted to the respective position of the sun, thus providing the optimal protection. 

RO-FLEX shade sails for funeral guests are available in a number of subtle colours. The shade sails are custom made and adapted to the respective requirements. Our competent sales representatives will be happy to support you in dimensioning, planning or installing the shade sail.

Contact us – we are happy to help.

Further sun protection systems for mourners

Perhaps a parasol would better suit your needs? Here, too, we offer various diverse solutions. Find out more on our pages for parasols or contact us.

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