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Kerb ramps – how NOT to do it!

If the vehicle is too low or the kerb too high, a quick solution to this problem is often sought. Some people reach for wooden or metal planks and particularly skilled handymen quickly create their own concrete track ramp. The fact that this often not only looks unpleasant but is also even forbidden on public roads rarely bothers anyone.

The problem with the high kerb must be resolved – and it should be quick and long-lasting! In the case of metal or wooden ledges, there is the risk that the ledges could wear down or slip out of place. Moreover, in heavy rain the backwater cannot run off – in the worst case the whole self-made construction floats away. In winter there is also the additional risk that the ledges become dangerous missiles by coming into contact with the plough of a snow shovel, which could cause considerable damage to people and objects.

The solution: kerb ramps by RO-FLEX

Kerb ramps by RO-FLEX offer an excellent solution for overcoming high kerbs – and therefore preserving the vehicle and protecting against damage. The kerb ramp is ideal for overcoming obstacles such as kerbs, garage entrances, car parks and courtyard entrances with minimal installation work. The kerb ramps are easy to secure, extendible when necessary, portable, weatherproof and have a slip-resistant surface. Kerb ramps by RO-FLEX are available in 3 colours and in heights of 25 mm, 45 mm, 65 mm, 75 mm and 95 mm.

The standard length of 1 m can either be extended as needed by means of push-fit connectors and further ramps or shortened using a jigsaw. We have the appropriate ramp corners to ensure you can drive up from the side and as additional protection against tripping. These can also be quickly and simply attached to the ramps using push-fit connectors.
With the RO-FLEX kerb ramps, former problematic obstacles become easily surmountable kerbs.

Quick, simple, long-lasting and cost effective.

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