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The shade sail is the most flexible sun protection system and probably the best suited for use at a cemetery or mourning hall.
Shade sails by RO-FLEX – the ultimate source of shade. Sun protection sails especially for nurseries and day-care centres. Find out more now!
Watch what can happen when there is not enough space between a car and the tarmac. Of course, such dramatic collisions can be avoided.
The first video from the series “Rofinchen presents.” Today our digital employee Rofinchen will familiarise you with the RO-FLEX wheelchair ramps.
Grass grid tiles provide supreme fall protection combined with a natural appearance. In this video we show you how easy it is to lay grass grid tiles.
Prevent your car bottoming out with RO-FLEX kerb ramps. The ramps can be placed next to each other, creating a smooth “hill.” Thus the vehicle is raised and smoothly mounts the kerb.
If the vehicle is too low or the kerb too high, a quick solution to this problem is often sought. Some people reach for wooden or metal planks and particularly skilled handymen quickly create their own concrete track ramp.