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Safety net multicoloured mesh size 45/3 mm

Fall protection for outdoor and indoor stairs and balconies

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Weight: 0.135 kg

Area: 0.04 m²

Description: Hochfest, knotenlos, und konfektioniert mit umlaufender Abschlusskante

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  • SNR-4001
Safety net multicoloured mesh size 45 mm, Material thickness 3 mm suitable for the over 3s... more

Safety net multicoloured mesh size 45 mm, Material thickness 3 mm

suitable for the over 3s area in nurseries, day-care centres, crèches and other dangerous areas where children over the age of 3 are present.

Reduce safety hazards such as falls, strangulation from head entrapment, injuries from falling objects, unwanted climbing, sliding or sitting with this safety net.

• Securing a raised or 2nd playing level
• Fall protection for stairs, stairwells, railings and parapets
• Fall protection for balconies or platforms
• Protection for loft beds and sleeping areas
• Fall protection for outdoor stairs and balconies
• Securing window openings
• Fall protection for play and climbing equipment
• Securing the garden pond 

The mesh sizes should not exceed 30 mm for under 3 year olds and 45 mm for over 3 year olds.
Please note that a flame retardant net that complies with DIN 4102 must be used for emergency escape routes. 

Our safety nets are made of polypropylene, are high-strength, knotless and finished with an end edge around the circumference (5 - 7mm thick).

Mesh size: 45 mm
Material thickness: 3.00 mm
Net colour: multicoloured
Maximum mesh tension (kN): 1.10
Weight: 150 g/m²
Weatherproof: Yes
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